Tags in Nimble help you organize your contacts into different groups. Tags allow you to label, group, and identify your contacts and activities.

In your Contacts tab, Tags will appear to the left in alphabetical order:

This article will cover the following: 

How To Create Tags In My Contact List

How To Create Tags In My Contact Record

How To Create Tags For My Tasks

How To Add Tags To My CSV Import

How To Delete/Rename a Tag

How Do I Create Tags In My Contact List?

  1. Select the contacts/company that you want to tag
  2. Click on the tag icon
  3. Click Add

How Do I Create Tags In My Contact Record?

  1. Select the person/company record you want to bookmark
  2. Under the person/company name, select “Edit Tags"
  3. Enter the tag's name and click Add

You've successfully created a list with this tag. To add other contacts to this list, follow steps 1 & 2 above and then type in the tag's name you've created. Select the tag in the drop-down. It will automatically add the tag. To view all the contacts in this list, click on the tag.

How Do I Create Tags For My Tasks?

  1. Go to your Activities tab and click on New Activity and then Task 
  2. Create or enter a tag name in the Add tags field. Separate your tags with commas to make multiple tags for this task

You can filter your Agenda and Tasks pages by tags using the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the Activities tab.

How Do I Add Tags To My CSV Import?

  1. Create tag columns and label them as Tag 1, Tag 2, etc. in your CSV file

In Nimble, use the Generic Importer in Settings >> Networks & Imports to add your contacts.


2. After connecting your social network in Settings >> Networks & Imports, you’ll see the option to “Import Contacts.” You can group these contacts in a tag.

How Do I Delete/Rename a Tag?

From a contact:

  1. To remove a tag from a contact record, go to the person/company's record 
  2. Click Edit Tags and click on the X next to the tags you want to delete.

From the Tag list:

In your Contacts tab, hover over the tag you want to delete or rename. Click on the pencil to rename it. Click on the trashcan to delete it.

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