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Tags can now be added to Deals to help you better organize and filter your sales opportunities. Create deals with tags then sort by them within Pipeline, List, Won and Lost view.

To learn more about Deals, take a look at the following:

Apply Tags to Deals

Tags can easily be applied to the deal record either on the widget or on the Deal widget.

Just select a deal and the widget will appear. You can then add a tag.

Or click "Go To Detailed View" at the top then add a tag from the deal record.

Filtering Deals by Tags

No matter if you're in Pipeline, List, Won or Lost view, you can filter your deals by tags.

To do this, just click the drop down arrow next to Tags then choose the tag you would like to sort on. All deals with that tag will appear.

Multiple tags can be selected and you can choose to display All Deals with the selected tags or Any Deals with the selected tags.

All Tags - Deals match all tags selected

Any Tags - Deals match any of the tags selected

If you have a long list of tags, you can use the search bar to quickly locate the tag.

You can even Select All Tags to display deals with tags.

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