Nimble’s pricing is based on the # of licenses you have allocated in your account. To add new team members to your account, you will first need to add a license.

How do I add Licenses and Users? 

1. Go to Settings

2. Select the Users tab on the left

3. Select “Add/Remove Licenses” and then use the "+" icon to select the # of licenses you wish to add to your account.

4. You will then be asked to confirm the number of licenses you are adding to your account. You will be billed at the time of adding a license to your account on a pro-rated basis.

See it in Action: 

5. Once you have added license to your account, select “Invite Users”.

Type in the email address for the team members you are inviting to Nimble. Separate each email with a comma. 

6. Your team members will then receive an invitation to join. When they click on the link, all they have to do is enter their name and create a password and they will join your team account.

How do I reassign a license to a new Nimble team member? 

If you wish to reassign the license to a new team member, do not remove the associated license when removing a user. Otherwise, you will have to pay to add a new license. 

Once you have removed the user, select "Invite Users" to occupy the empty license. 

See it in Action: 

Questions about setting Permissions

Once your team members have successfully joined, you may choose who on the account can bulk edit/delete contacts, access the Nimble API, and configure pipelines, as well as individual deal privacy settings for each user

Administrator Controls: 

  • Bulk Export - Allows users on your team to export contacts in bulk to a CSV file. Learn more here
  • Bulk Delete - Allows users on your team to delete contacts in bulk. Contacts deleted by a team member will be moved to the trash bin for a period of time where the admin can then delete them permanently. Learn more here
  • API access - Allows users the ability to access the API to perform imports through 3rd party apps. Disabling this feature will restrict all external integrations. Learn more here
  • Configure Pipelines - Allows users the ability to modify deal pipelines
  • Deal Privacy - Delegate privacy rights to specific team members

Questions about adding Licenses

When am I billed?
You will be billed for the total number of seats at the start of your billing period. If you add an additional seat during your billing cycle, you will be billed a pro-rated amount at the time the seat is added. You will be charged in full at the start of the next cycle. No refunds are issued. 

Will I be billed for unoccupied licenses?
Yes, if you have more licenses than users, you will be billed monthly for those additional licenses.

What happens if I decrease the number of licenses on my account?
You will be charged only for the total # of licenses you have on your billing period. There are no refunds for licenses removed during a billing period.

What if I'm a customer of a Microsoft reseller?

If you are a customer of a Microsoft reseller, you will need to purchase your licenses through your reseller. You will get access to the additional licenses once the order has been placed. 

If you have questions about billing, please write to us at and we'll be happy to assist!

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