This article is an overview of how privacy works within your Nimble account.
 Table of Contents

  1. Message Privacy
  2. Contact Privacy 
  3. Other Privacy Questions
  4. Adjust User Restrictions

Message Privacy:
By default, all messages are set to private for all users in Nimble.
To set a whole network private after making it public, do the following:

 1. In Nimble, go to Settings >> Networks & Imports
2. Pick the network you want to set private and click on the lock to the right of it.

3. A pop-up window will appear. Select "Make all messages Private".
By choosing this option, all messages from that network will only display when you are logged in the account.
(Example: If you look at contact John Smith, you will see all your email messages with John. But if your team members go to the same record, they will not see any email exchanges between you and John)
4. Click Save Changes. Now you will see a lock icon for the network.

 To Set Specific Conversations as Private
 1. Go to your Messages Tab. At the inbox view, you can tell which messages are private and which ones are not by finding the lock icon next to them.

2. To set a particular message private or public, open a message.

 3. Click on the lock icon button at the top of the message to make it private.

 To see if your message is private, the button will appear locked.

 Now no one will see the message but you! Click on the lock icon button again, to make it public.
Contact Privacy
For now, we do not have the ability to set contacts to private. This means that all of your contacts will be visible to your team members.
If your messages are set to private, your team members will not be able to see conversations with your contacts, but they will see their contact information.
Other Privacy Questions
Tasks and events
- all team members can view each other's tasks by toggling to see each other's activities lists in the Activities tab.
Team members can also see what tasks/events were created for contacts and which team member created them. Team members, however, cannot edit or delete each other's tasks/events - they can only comment.
Calendars - You won’t be able to see your teammates’ calendars at this time, but you will be able to see their Tasks and Activities by clicking on the Activities tab.
Deals - Deals are also visible to all team members. Every team member can view each other's deals in the Deals tab and view completed, pending, and future deals scheduled for contacts.
Social streams - Social streams for a particular contact record are public to all team members. Team members will not be able to see one another's personal social streams.
 Q: What is Nimble’s policy on both security and privacy for my account?

 Please read our Privacy Policy for full details.
User Restrictions

You may restrict users from bulk export of contacts, bulk deleting contacts and API Access.

Bulk Export - Restrict your team members from exporting all contacts at once.
Bulk Deletion - Restrict your team members from having the ability to bulk delete contacts (delete more than 30 contacts at once).
API Access - Restrict your team members from accessing the API by limiting who can open the OAuth window to connect (this will prevent your team members from bypassing the export restrictions by connecting to a third party API like PieSync or Zapier).
To change this setting, go to Settings >> Users and check the corresponding boxes next to each user.
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