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How to add contacts to your Deals pipelines
How to add contacts to your Deals pipelines
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There are a few ways you can add deals to your Pipelines and Lists - inside the Deals tab, a contact record, from Workflows, or the Prospector app. Here's how each of these options works.

If you haven't already, you'll want to set up a few deal pipelines. Click here to learn how: Create Multiple Custom Deal Pipelines

From the Deals tab

Now that you have created a Deals pipeline, you can start adding deals to it. To do this, click "New Deal" at the top.

You can now fill out the deal form. Fields will include deals name, description, amount, probability, expected close date, stage, related contacts, tags, custom fields, and much more.

Once created, the deal will appear in the pipeline and stage of your choice. You can select that deal to get a preview of the details of the deal.

From a contact record

Deals can also be added to the contact record. Just visit a contact record and choose "Add Deal". From here, you can fill out the form.

The deal will be available on the contact record within the Interactions tab. It will also appear on your Deal pipeline and list.

The Interactions sub-tab will keep a history of current and past deals; and will indicate whether the deal was won or lost.

From the Workflows tab

If you are using Workflows to track leads or other sales processes and need to further your negotiations with the contact, it can be converted into a deal. Once a lead reaches a certain stage, it can be qualified as a deal and thoust converted to one.

When converting a lead to a deal, that lead is added to the Primary Contact field on the deal. This will link the contact to the deal.

More details about this can be found here: Convert a contact to a deal

From the Prospector App

The Prospector App enables users to take Nimble with them anywhere they go on the web. It allows users to gather insights on the potential and existing contacts then import those contacts to their Nimble database. With this feature, you can create a deal on the contact record through the app.

To start, open the app then hover over or highlight a person's name. Add the contact to your Nimble database. After doing this, you'll see the option to "Add Deal"

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