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Learn how to use Nimble on the go with our app for Android

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The Nimble app for Android amplifies your workflow by giving you visibility into contact details, activities, deals, and follow-up reminders -- all from your mobile device. The Nimble app can be taken with you anywhere you go so that you never miss a beat with engaging a contact and logging important data.

You can also use the mobile app to deliver contact and company insights you’ll need to be effective for every meeting.

Table of Contents:

How to Install

The Android app is available for download in the Google Play Store!

With this app, you can:

  • Access your Nimble account with full contact details and related tasks, events, deals, notes, social streams, and other activities

  • Email and conversations are synced directly to mobile contact records.

  • Task and Event reminders are sent right to your phone

Nimble Mobile App Overview

This article will cover all the features offered in each tab. To learn more about a Nimble contact record, please check out the following:

After you have installed the Nimble App to your Android device, open it and you'll see five main tabs which are detailed below:

Agenda tab

The Agenda tab will display all events, tasks, and other custom activity types in a list view. If you have connected your Outlook or Google calendars to Nimble, the events from these calendars will display here along with the events from your mobile device.

At the current moment, events are read-only.

To add a task, event, call, or custom activity, just click the plus icon. Nimble will launch a form to fill out and you can associate contacts, deals, tags, or assign them to another team member.

Click the filter icon to turn specific calendars off and on.

See your task due dates alongside your events to efficiently plan out your day.

Tasks Tab

This is a separate tab that will only display tasks by date and time. You'll also be able to view a list of "Upcoming", "Completed", "Starred", and "Delegated" tasks.

Contacts tab

This tab will display all of your contacts in a list view. You can search for contacts and also pull up groups of contacts by categories, saved segments, and tags.

Segmentation is not included in the mobile app at this time.

To add a new contact or company, just click the "+" icon at the top.

You can also sync contacts to Nimble within Settings. Just click the "More" tab, choose "Settings" and at the top, select "Phonebook".

From here, you can import all contact records or if your contacts are organized into groups on your phone, you can choose a specific group to sync. You can also apply a Tag to the group of contacts so that they are organized right from the beginning.

Nimble syncs your phone contacts periodically or manually from the mobile app to your Nimble contact database.

Sync in background - We sync your mobile contacts to Nimble whenever you launch the app from your phone.

Sync Now - Select this to manually sync your contacts to Nimble. The “Last Sync” date will appear after you perform your sync so you know when the last time occurred.

This is one-directional sync from your Phone to Nimble. We will not populate your phonebook with any Nimble contacts. All contacts synced from the phone will be public to your team.

Deals tab

This tab will display all of your active and completed Deals in a list view. The Completed tab will indicate whether the deal was won or lost and the date this took place.

If you have multiple pipelines, you can switch to a different one by clicking the filter icon at the top then select "Pipeline". You will also see the options to filter all Deals by Assignee and Status.

 And of course, you can create a new deal by clicking the "+" icon at the top.

More Features

Receive Notifications on all your calendar events, tasks, calls, and custom activities by enabling notifications in settings. When you set alerts for activities, Nimble will deliver a notification either before the activity or at a custom time during the day depending on what you have set up in your settings.

To set this up, just click on "More" and choose "Settings".

From here, you can set alerts to appear 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes, or 1-2 hours before an event or choose a specific time during the day to receive all notifications for events and tasks.

You can also choose to enable a "Follow-up" notification after the event. Or set to be notified when a task is due.

Scrolling down, you'll also be able to set notifications for messages. Nimble enables you to track open/clicks for your messages. To receive a notification on your phone each time a person has opened a message, just enable "Message Notifications".

We'll also display a list of recipients opening/clicking your message on the "Email Tracking" page. Clicking the 3 dots will give you the option to display just single messages, group messages, or only muted messages.

That's it for now.

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT.

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