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The Nimble Contact Record on mobile gives your contact details a modern look, allowing for a less crowded, easily navigated, and actionable profile. Log activities, view contact and company information, send trackable email templates, apply tags, and more -- right from the contact record on your mobile device.

This article will only cover features available on a contact record. For a complete overview of the app, click here: Nimble Mobile App for Android

If you have not yet installed the Nimble App on Android, you may do so here:

Contact Record on Mobile Overview

To access a contact, just open the mobile app and visit the Contacts tab. From here, you will see a list of your contacts. Select a contact to go to their record.

As a Nimble user, you'll benefit from a more robust contact profile, equipped with Quick Widgets and relevant contact data tabs.

At the top, is the profile card where you'll see the person's name, job title, and social profiles. You'll have the ability to mark the importance of the contact and set specific time intervals for how often you'd like to keep in touch with the contacts using our Stay In Touch feature.

You can also choose your privacy option with your contacts, selecting to either make the contact private to the owner or shareable to the team.

Quick Widgets

  • Quick Action buttons to schedule and log details such as notes, events, tasks, calls, messages, and other custom activity types

  • Contact Info to learn more about your contacts; as who they are, where they work, where they are located, etc

  • Tags to keep track of which groups your contacts belong to

  • Lead Details to monitor last interaction and lead progress

  • Smart Summary completed with your contact's experience, bio, and influence

Quick Navigation

Under "Quick Nav", you will see the following options:

  • Interactions - enables you to keep track of your past and ongoing interactions, activities, notes, and sales opportunities

  • Data Fields - full details about your contacts including email, phone, address, and description, as well as custom data fields you create with relevancy to your business needs

  • Company Info - delivers company insights including employees, when the company was founded, revenue, company type, industry, and much more

  • Social Profiles - enables you to keep track of your contact's online digital footprint

  • Bio - see basic information about your contact's life

More Actions

Clicking the ellipsis icon will take you to more actions where you can edit your contact, export the contact to your phonebook, share the contact with someone outside of your account or delete the contact.

Edit Contact

Launch Edit Mode and make changes to contact fields including custom data fields.

Information in the "Data Enrichment" tab is automatically generated and cannot be altered at this time. To turn off data enrichment just visit the contact record from a web browser.

Save To Phonebook

To export a contact from Nimble to your phone, just select the "Save to Phonebook" option and important contact details will be exported.

Share Contact

To share a contact with someone or something outside of your database, just click the "Share Contact" option".

Delete Contact

Delete a person with one click by choosing this option. If you happened to accidentally delete a contact, you can rest assured that Nimble does not remove contacts right away. To restore the contact, just log into your account from a web browser and access the trash bin from within the Contacts tab.

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