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Vertical industry Deal Templates that enable sales team to sell better!

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A sales pipeline is essential to any company looking to grow its customer base and scale its business. This is why the need for ready-to-use deal pipeline templates is vital in aiding in this process. Nimble now delivers Vertical Industry Deal Templates specific to your business including Insurance, Real Estate, Automobile, Business Consulting, Financial Services, Legal Services, Non-Profit Fundraising, and Mortgage Brokers!

With this new feature, you can choose from an existing list of customizable templates or completely build one from scratch.

Deal pipelines provide you with a visual of how your prospects move through every stage of every sales process. A contact advances through your sales pipelines by completing specific actions which indicate their interest in the deal and the likelihood the deal will be closed. This helps your team to better understand what they need to do to close a deal.

With Nimble's Multiple Custom Pipelines, you can add an unlimited amount of pipelines with different stages to stay nimble with your day-to-day operations.

To learn more about Deals, take a look at this article: Nimble's Deal Feature Overview

Lets get into the details!

To get started, visit your Deals tab and click "Add Deal Pipeline" at the top.

You'll then see the following industry-specific template options:

This first phase of templated deals includes variations of Insurance templates (general, life, and property), Real Estate (seller and buyer), Automobile sales, Consulting services, Financial services, Legal services, Non-Profit Fundraising, and Mortgage Broker Sales!

Choose from the list of templates then choose "Use Template". You'll then be able to customize it to your liking. Updating the pipeline name, color bubble, pipeline description, currency, stages, creating custom fields, and lost reasons.

When creating Stages, you'll be able to set default probabilities for each stage as well as stage instructions.

Add Custom Fields to your deal template - Custom Fields can be added to your deals to help you track important information about your sales opportunities! Full details regarding custom fields on Deals can be found here: Deal Custom Fields

Add "Lost Reasons" to the deal template - Add a list of reasons why a deal was lost. This will help you to analyze how to improve the deal pipeline and your approach to selling. For example, you could add “Loss of Communication” as an exit reason which would allow you to brainstorm some ways to improve engagement with the potential buyer.

The list of Lost Reasons will display every time a deal is lost.

When you're ready, choose "Create Pipeline".

You can now start adding deals to the pipeline. Just click "Add Deal" at the top.

To make changes to a pipeline, just click "Settings" on the deal page and this will take you to Deal pipeline info where you can edit and/or archive the pipeline.

Detailed Overview of Industry Deal Templates

Table of Content:


Our Nimble community is composed of many different people in many different roles. One popular role we see is within the insurance industry. This is why we’ve created several different insurance templates to fit the needs of a very diverse industry!

These templates include General Insurance, Life Insurance, and Property/Casualty Insurance.

  • General Insurance: This template focuses on selling insurance overall. Instead of focusing on a specialty within the insurance industry, it focuses on the basics, making it a great template to start off with and customize on your own!

    • Stages: Prospecting, Preparation, Outreach & Presentation, Address Objections, Closing

  • Life Insurance: This template was created for Insurance agents or brokers who spend time advising customers on what type of policy to buy and facilitating the application process in relation to life insurance.

    • Stages: Prospecting/Web Leads, Qualifying/Request Info, Quoting, Closing

  • Property/Casualty Insurance: This template was created for Insurance agents or brokers who spend time advising customers on what type of policy to buy and facilitating the application process in relation to property/casualty insurance.

    • Stages: Prospecting/Web Leads, Qualifying/Request Info, Quoting, Closing

Each of these templates are equipped with custom fields, such as Provider, Policy Number, Effective Date, Expiration Date, and much more!

Real Estate

Another popular industry we find within our Nimble community is the real estate industry. We’ve created a set of unique templates for both Buyers and Sellers! Each template can be customized to suit the individual needs of each agent.

  • Seller: This template was created for real estate agents who want to easily keep track of individuals looking to sell their property and identify as sellers.

    • Stages: Preparing a Sales Listing, Pricing the Property, Organizing Property Viewings, Negotiating the Sale, Closing the Sale

  • Buyer: This template was created for real estate agents who want to keep track of individuals looking to purchase property and identify as buyers.

    • Stages: New Lead / Attempting Contact, Initial Appointment, Seeking Lender Approval, Searching, Under Contract, Lost/Recovering OR Closed Business

Each of these templates is equipped with custom fields, such as Asking Price, Property Location, and Square Footage!

Automobile Sales

The process of selling an automobile is one of the most common in the world. It is extremely crucial for car salesmen to be able to view all of the automobiles in inventory and easily track which stage of the sales process they are in. This is why we’ve created a template designated just for that!

  • Stages: Meet & Greet, Interview, Vehicle Selection, Test Drive, Trade Evaluation, Ask for the Sale

This template is equipped with custom fields, such as Price, Make, and Model!

Consulting Services

It’s important to acknowledge that not all “deals” result in products being purchased. In fact, much of our Nimble community sells services rather than physical products! We’ve created a consulting services template because it is extremely beneficial to model the lifecycle of a client in a pipeline.

  • Stages: Entry and Contracting, Data Collection and Diagnosis, Implementation, Extension, Recycle, or Termination

Financial Services

There are many different types of financial services provided by our Nimble community. This is why we’ve created a generalized template that can be used for all services, such as banking, advisory, wealth management, and more! Simply customize the template to suit your specific business needs.

  • Stages: Prospecting, Building Rapport, Qualifying Your Potential Clients, Preparing Questions, Presenting Your Solution, Handling Objections & Asking For The Sale

This template is equipped with custom fields, such as Income, Expenses, and Debt!

Legal Services

For our legal services template, we’ve developed a set of common stages in the sales process for legal services, including those of law firms, freelance attorneys, and more!

  • Stages: Initial Client Contact, Interview, Client Screening, Accepting or Declining Representation

This template is equipped with custom fields, such as Payment and Fax!

Non-Profit Fundraising

We’ve created a template that displays the common stages in the fundraising cycle of a non-profit. A significant portion of our Nimble community are non-profit organizations, so we understand the importance of donor tracking and generating funds!

  • Stages: Identification, Cultivation, Qualification, Solicitation, Recognition

This template is equipped with custom fields, such as Demographics and Previous Donations!

Mortgage Broker Sales

Our template for mortgage broker sales was created with the goal in mind of earning mortgage loans for clients at the appropriate amount and rate.

  • Stages: New Enquiry, Lead Qualification Meeting, Loan Strategy Report Preparation, Loan Strategy Report Presentation, Client Gives The Go-Ahead

This template is equipped with custom fields, such as Qualification Metrics, Client Finances, and Citizenship Status!

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT.

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