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Nimble's Email Reminder Feature
Nimble's Email Reminder Feature
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For emails that require a little more time and effort, Nimble now enables you to keep a closer eye on these emails and set follow-up reminders with the new Email Reminder feature.

With this feature, when you send a message or come across an email that requires your attention in the future, you can set a reminder and it will be copied to the Watched Email folder where you can better manage your response and send timely responses. We will let you know if the message becomes overdue and when you have responded. This feature is available when both composing and replying to a message.

Let us show you how it works.

Get notified of non-responses

Tired of sending emails and never hearing back? With Email Reminder, you can set a reminder to follow up if the recipient doesn't reply. This feature allows you to keep track of your correspondences and ensure your emails don't go unanswered.

To utilize this feature, visit your Message tab, contact record, deal record, and/or Prospector App. Click "New Message" and then compose your message.

Before sending, click "Set Reminder", and you'll be able to set the days/hours or choose Custom Date and time. When ready, choose "Set Reminder". Then send your message.

The email will then be moved to the Watched Emails folder in your Message tab under "Awaiting Responses".

When the person has responded, the message will appear under "Responded".

If the person does not respond, it will appear under "Overdue" and a pop-up notification will appear prompting you to follow up.

Get reminders to follow up

There are times when you may forget to follow up with a contact in a timely manner. Email Reminders help you to stay on top of customer conversations with ease!

When you get an email that requires your response, you can set a reminder.

To do this, visit your Message tab. Click on the email thread then click "Set Reminder". You'll then be able to choose a custom date and time. When ready, choose "Set Reminder".

If you are sending from the contact record, deal record, and/or Prospector App, then you will need to open the message, choose "View Thread" and then set the reminder.

The email will then be moved to "Watched Emails" and if you haven't followed up by the time you selected, it will appear under "Overdue".

If you have responded, it will appear under "Responded".

To remove a reminder, just click the 3 dots on the messages, then choose "Remove Reminder"

Remove in bulk by selecting multiple emails and then choosing "Remove Reminders".

Set Notifications

To receive pop-ups or browser/desktop notifications, visit your Settings >> Notifications. Next to the Watched Emails notification, select the checkbox under Pop-up Window or Browser/Desktop.

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT.

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