This is an overview of your Today Page. You can think of this page as the new place to start your day when you enter Nimble. It's a collection of all your social notifications, tasks, events and so on.

Start by first importing your contacts to Nimble. To do this, visit the Settings >> Networks & Imports.

Once your contacts are imported and your social networks are connected, notifications for the day will sync to this page. You'll also see contact suggestions under "Today's Top Contacts."

At the top, you’ll find the “Today’s Top Contacts” section. This is where you’ll cycle through contacts and choose which are important to you!

Clicking “Yes” will enable you to set a time interval for how often you’d like to stay in touch with the contact!

To improve suggestions for Today’s Top Contacts, you can edit the search criteria within “Contact Keywords” in your Nimble Settings.

Contact suggestions are also pulled from recent communication, shared influential topics, and social media relevancy.

Once you’ve chosen your important contacts, Nimble will display social signals for these contacts under “Engagement Opportunities From Important Contacts.” This includes new tweets, mentions, posts, comments and likes from other people to you.

Nimble surfaces "Other Engagement Opportunities" from potentially important contacts in your networks.

To the right, you’ll find scheduled Activities and Upcoming Deals. 

Now start your day. The Nimble way.

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