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Nimble's Lead Qualification Workflow

Track the progress of your leads as they advance from one stage to the next

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Never let another lead slip through the cracks with Nimble's new Lead Qualification Workflow. This feature enables you and your team to visualize the progress of your leads; qualifying them as they go through the buying phase and ultimately converting to a sale. Whether you are in real estate, marketing, a recruiter, a consultant, or another profession, you can utilize the customizable Kanban boards to track leads and alter the stages to suit your business needs.

At the beginning of your lead generation process, you may find yourself with a bunch of potential deals sitting at the early stages of your pipeline. These deals may not be ready to move forward through the sales process but also may not be cold enough to be marked as lost or deleted. This can cause a lot of clutter in your deal's pipeline and can distract you from focusing on the deals that require your attention.

In Nimble, you can add leads to your account before adding them to your Deal pipeline. Nimble Lead Qualification Workflow is a separate workflow/pipeline to store your prequalified leads before they become deals. Once you decide that a lead is qualified, you can easily convert leads to deals and add them directly into your pipeline to start your sales process.

  • Leads can be associated with a Contact and/or Company

  • Leads allow you to organize your potential contacts, before moving them to your sales pipeline.

To learn more about Workflows overall, take a look at the following:


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Lead Qualification Templates

After you've acquired a new lead, it will go through a series of phases to be qualified. Depending on your business, these qualifications may include scheduling a sales call, sending a marketing message, sending a quote, etc.

Workflows come with dozens of ready-to-use pre-built templates designed for common repeatable business processes in sales, marketing, customer services, etc.

For Lead Qualification, there are three types of workflow templates.

Lead Qualification (BANT) - BANT (Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline) is a type of sales lead qualification process designed to identify leads worth pursuing.

Lead Qualification (CHAMP) - CHAMP (Challenges, Authority, Money, and Prioritization) is a type of sales lead qualification process designed to determine how likely it is that a lead will become a paying customer

Pre Sales Qualification - Use this workflow in conjunction with Nimble's Deals to properly qualify leads and declutter your Deals pipeline. Use the 'convert to deal' button for all qualified leads that are ready to be moved to the Deals pipeline

Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Modify Lead Qualification Template

After choosing a template, you can modify it to match your business needs. You'll be able to not only name your stage but add instructions for each stage.

Click the pen icon to edit a stage or the trashcan icon to delete it. When you are ready, make sure to click "Save Changes" to keep the modifications.

Add "Unsuccessful Exit Reasons" to the Workflow

If a contact does not have a successful outcome, then you can choose a reason for this. Unsuccessful Exit Reasons are customizable.

After you have chosen a workflow, you will be able to modify or add new "Unsuccessful Reasons" which can help you to better understand trends and ways to improve.

Add "Board Card Fields" to the Workflow

Each template comes with a set of unique Board Card Fields. You can customize the fields so that they are even more relevant to your business.

The fields that you select will appear at a glance on the board card when back in the Workflow view.

Full info about the lead can be found within the contact record or by switching to list view mode.

Convert a lead to a deal

If a lead is won, you can continue the sales process by converting them to a deal.

To do this from the Workflow tab, select the 3 dots on a lead card then choose "Convert to Deal". The Deal's form will appear auto-populated with the contact in the "Primary Contact" field.

The more you know... FAQs

  • Company records can also be considered leads and therefore can be added to the Lead Workflow. However, this does not add all employees of the company to the lead workflow, only the company record itself

  • Leads can be uploaded to Nimble via third-party app connectors such as Zapier. Just use the Workflow ID to set up the integration through Zapier. More details can be found here: Sync Contacts to your Workflow via Zapier

  • This feature is not available for the Legacy plan, so upgrade today!

  • Learn how to add contacts, perform searches, and more here: What is Nimble's Templated Workflow Feature

We would love to hear your feedback or questions about our latest feature, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT.

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