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Nimble's Prospector App for Gmail
Nimble's Prospector App for Gmail
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The Nimble Prospector App for Gmail amplifies your workflow by giving you visibility into emails, social signals, activities, and follow-up reminders -- all without having to leave your Gmail Inbox.

We have updated our Nimble Prospector App for Gmail to give you a better Nimble experience. This new version of the Prospector delivers more stability with an even more modern look.

When you are in an email thread, just open the Nimble Prospector App and all contacts within the thread will display. If this is an existing contact, you will be able to pull up their full contact record and if this is a new contact, you can build a live profile and add the contact to your Nimble database.

The app also enables you to send trackable templated messages all without leaving your Inbox.


How to Install

Follow the steps here to install the app:

If you are on a Google Workspace account, admins can restrict users from installing apps. To install the Nimble app to your Gmail, please check with your admin who can then install the app for every team member. Learn more here:

With this app, you can:

  • See the "Live Profile" for any person or company - this is a record we automatically build for you; complete with company, location, title, and social insights. All available without needing to create a contact record in Nimble.

  • See existing contact records to take action on your Nimble contacts.

  • Access all the functions of Nimble while you work alongside your Gmail inbox.

Prospector Overview

After installing the app, you can utilize it by opening a message in your Gmail Inbox. The app will display on the left side of the screen.

If your side panel is closed, you will not see the app. Just click the arrow at the bottom of the page and the app will become visible.

Once you open the app, all contacts from the email thread will appear as profile cards under "People in thread". You can click on the name of the contact to get a quick view of their profile or click on the expand icon to see their full contact details.

Quick view

Within the quick view, we will display the person's job title, employment, social links, phone number, email and a smart summary which includes the person's bio, experience, influence and kred score. This is if the person exists in your Nimble account.

Changes to the contact record cannot be made while in this view.

If the person does not exist in your Nimble account, you will get an auto-generated live profile. Add the person to your Nimble account to get the full experience.

Expanded View

In the expanded view, you will have all the features of the Nimble Prospector App for Chrome. This will include the ability to:

  • See full and complete details of the contact

  • Add, edit, or update Nimble contact records

  • Schedule/Log activities such as Calls, Events, Tasks, and any custom activity types you've created

  • See a full and complete record of your communications history with that contact

  • Set a schedule with the Stay in Touch reminder system (If you fall out of touch, Nimble will remind you).

  • Check on any of your contacts’ social networks and reach out on other channels.

  • Set contact privacy, giving the option to share or hide the profile from other users

Email, call, schedule/log tasks, notes, deals or view any contact details.

Click the drop-down list to see interactions, data fields, company info, and more.

How do I collapse the display?

To collapse the display within your Gmail account, click on the Nimble icon to the left of the widget.

Create Follow-Up Task

To set a reminder to respond to an email, just choose "Create Follow-Up Task" and from here, you can setup a follow-up task or reminder with a due date.

The activity will be logged in Nimble and will display on your Today page and within your Activities tab. When the task is due, you will see the reminder in the widget.

Click within the box to mark the item off the list.

Reply With Template

If you have set up templates from within your Nimble account, you will have the ability to send them right from your Gmail Inbox. To setup templates, please take a look at the following support article: Creating Templates and a Signature In Email Setting

To send with templates, click "Reply with Template" from within the widget. From here, you can choose an existing template. Click "Open Compose Form" and your template will appear in the composer.

Track Messages

It's important to note that messages are still sent from the email accounts you have connected within Settings >> Networks & Imports within Nimble. Therefore, ensure that the email address you are using in Gmail has first been connected. You can learn more about this here:

Once this is done, you can start composing your message and when you are ready, just click the Nimble icon at the bottom.

A pop-up will appear. From here, click "Send and Track" and Nimble will deliver your message to the recipient.

You can then close the popup and the compose form.

Do not press Send on the compose form, as it will lead to sending the message twice!

To ensure the message was sent, wait a few minutes then check your Sent folder. You will see a copy of the message there.

Show Tracking History

To get an idea of how your message is performing, you can track open/click rate under "Show Tracking History".

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT.

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