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Be Nimble about how you are operating your business processes by using our new Automation Feature for Workflows. Automation is essential for any repeated process as it saves a significant amount of time re-entering data, logging activities, and messaging contacts.

To learn more about Workflows, take a look at the following support article:

Automation for Workflows is just the beginning. We will be releasing automation in the future for many of our most loved features including Deals, Contacts, and Messaging.

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Feature Overview

Automation is based on triggers that cause an action to occur when moving a contact card from one stage to the next in Workflows. When you create a trigger, you'll be able to take specific actions such as creating an activity, sending a message, creating notes, sending mobile or browser notifications, or even assigning a tag.

For example, if you want Nimble to create a task when a contact moves into a different stage, you can set up a trigger.

To get started, go to your Workflows tab, choose a workflow then select "Manage Automations". You can now create your automation.

Watch the video:

Setup Triggers

The first step to setting up automation is determining your Triggers. You'll want to first configure when the actions should happen and what triggers them.

Who Triggered - This will show a list of users on the account who can trigger an action to occur. You can also choose "Anyone" or "Anyone but me".

Trigger Filters - This allows you to choose what stage changes trigger an action. You can choose to trigger an action when moving from one stage to the next or from any stage.

The action will occur when this user moves a contact between these stages.

Choose an Action

Once a trigger is set, you can now set up the actions you want to automate.

Actions that can be automated

Choose which action you would like to occur based on the trigger you set.

Customize activity details

Now that Actions and Triggers are set up, you can customize activity details. To do this, fill out the forms for the activity of your choice.

When an automation occurs, Nimble will keep track of the results of completed automations under "History". Such as "task created", message sent", etc.

Send a Message

When you choose "Send message" you'll be able to create a message or choose from a template that is then sent to your contacts who are moved to the stage you selected.

Add Trigger Fields will allow you to populate the field with information about the workflow, contact, specific user, or other info. In the Subject Line, trigger fields are not required to use and you can manually populate this field with your own text.

In the "To" field, you are required to use the trigger field "Contact Email" to send to all associated contacts.

When you're ready, click "Finalize Automation".

For more information on creating templates, take a look at the following:

Create an Activity

For the action "Create an activity", you'll see activity types such as Task, Call, Event, and Custom Activity. Simply choose the activity type then fill out the form.

You can name the activity and/or choose to add a trigger field. Set due dates and populate fields by manually inputting data or choosing Trigger fields.


When a contact moves into the selected stage, it will automatically create your activity type on their contact record.


Tasks will also appear on your Today page in the Task Notification widget.

To learn more about Activities, please take a look at the following: Nimble Activities Tab Overview

Create a Note

When you choose the action of creating a contact note when a contact is moved to a particular stage, you can then customize your note and it will appear on the associated contact record.

Use Trigger Fields to update the note with information about the workflow, contact, specific user, or other info.



Assign a tag

Easily group your contacts into an existing or new tag after choosing the "Assign tag" action type. A tag will be applied to the contact record of any contact moved to the selected Workflow stage.

Nimble will display a list of your existing tags when you type in the Tag field. If Nimble does not recognize the name, you can always create a new tag.



Send Browser or Mobile Notification

Setup browser and mobile notifications so that you receive personalized messages when a contact has been placed in a particular stage.

Ensure that notifications are enabled for your Chrome browser by taking the steps here: Change your default notification settings

To receive mobile notifications, be sure to install our Nimble app on your iPhone or Android device. Learn more here: Getting Started with Nimble Mobile


Automation Upgrades

Automation is available in Business, Trial, and Microsoft plans. It includes the ability to create 25 automations. If you'd like to purchase more, you can do so in increments of 25 for an additional $10/month.

To do this, please have your admin visit Settings >> Billings.

Setting Permissions for Automation

Users that can manage workflows can configure automation for workflows. The admin of the account can set these permissions within Settings >> Privacy Settings when choosing "Managing workflows".

To learn more about these Privacy Settings, take a look at the following:

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT.

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