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Nimble's Deals Widgets For Today Page
Nimble's Deals Widgets For Today Page
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The Today Page provides an intuitive, high-level dashboard that displays the pulse of your business to help you take smarter actions. It provides relationship insights and history about the prospects and customers that matter most to you and your business. See a snapshot of your upcoming events, tasks, calls, and deals in one place.

Nimble's Deals Widgets for the Today page enables management to track their organization's sales performance with ease. Nimble automatically pulls the information from Deals to help you save time and make better business decisions.

Nimble offers a variety of Deal Pipeline Widgets, which can be formatted as bar charts, donuts, and tables that provide insight into conversion rates, deals won and lost, forecasted revenue, and much more!

Click on the links below to learn about each deal widget:

Nimble's deal reports are now interactive, allowing you to see which deals are in a particular stage. When you click on a bar or graph, a side panel will display all of the related deals and you can choose a deal to get the full details.

Nimble users can add, delete, rearrange and combine multiple copies of any of these reports on Nimble’s Today Page, to suit their business needs!

Add Widgets to the Today Page

To add a widget, just click "Manage Widgets" and then choose "Add Widget". A drop-down list of available widgets will appear. You can select one to add to the page. You can also edit the widget's name by clicking the pencil icon.

To rearrange the widgets, select the top right-hand corner of the widget and then drag it to place it.

Once you have organized the page exactly how you want it, click "Close Settings" to save the changes.

With the newly added widget features to the Today page, such as Lost by Stage, Deals Won Over Time, Deals Lost by Reason, Revenue Forecast, Deal Conversion, and Deal Progress, you'll be able to optimize your sales process and increase your revenue.

To learn more about Deals and Reports, check out the following articles:

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT.

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