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What is Nimble?
Nimble features and plans explained
Nimble features and plans explained

Learn about all the Nimble CRM features and the plans we offer to help you grow faster and build better relationships.

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Check out our key features and plans to help you understand how Nimble works: 

What's included in Nimble

  • Today Page dashboard- Quickly scan your sales pipeline, calendar appointments, activities, and email stats to track your daily, weekly, and monthly priorities. 

  • Contacts - Organize and group your contacts into lists to engage effectively. 

  • Workflow Templates- Visualize the progress of your leads and contacts on multiple Kanban boards/lists. This feature is used as a way to track all of your most important processes in one place.

  • Messages - A unified inbox of your email conversations to help you store records of past communication and engage directly with your customers from within Nimble.

  • Group Email Tracking & Reporting - Send trackable email outreach to targeted lists to nurture your relationships with potential buyers and existing customers

  • Email Templates - Save time by using email templates for your one-to-one or group message outreach. 

  • Activity Management - View calendar appointments, tasks, and schedule follow-up reminders for your contacts and teammates. 

  • Deals and Reports - Track your sales and other business opportunities and report on those opportunities. 

  • Webforms - Enhance your interaction with contacts and leads by creating customized web forms and gathering contact data, crafting surveys or generating support tickets with ease. Incorporate the web form onto your website or share it on social media in just few simple steps.

  • Nimble Prospector App- Take Nimble anywhere you work on the web to update Nimble and gather insights on your contacts and leads. 

  • Mobile Apps - Download Nimble Mobile for your Android or iOS device

  • Third-party integrations and API - You can integrate Nimble with third-party apps using an integrator such as Zapier, and have native integrations with MailChimp, and other marketplace apps. Check out our Nimble App Marketplace.

  • Customization - Customize your contacts and company data fields to tailor Nimble to your needs. 

  • Work better as a team - Work smarter by adding your team to share contacts, activities, messages, deals, and more.

  • Migrate your contacts easily with our awesome CSV Import Wizard

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT. 

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